Episode 9 - Space Needle Pianist

Emily Westman, of the band Sisters, plays piano for a living atop the Space Needle

Emily Westman (of the band Sisters) came out to Seattle without a reason, without a plan. The band she'd traveled from Florida with broke up before they even got here. Without a friend's couch to crash on, she built a new life from Craigslist ads, playing music with every band that would take her, earning money painting houses and playing piano in the Space Needle restaurant. All that exploration helped Emily develop a unique musical voice and a fresh perspective on an old friend.

Want to hear more of Emily's music? 

Watch a couple Sisters videos on their website.

Hear their new EP on Bandcamp.

Go see the Seattle Rock Orchestra live.

Watch her play drums with Lemolo. (New album with Emily due out soon).

Hear Emily play piano at The Space Needle's restaurant, SkyCity.