Episode 8 - Special Ed

Tom Baisden in his classroom.

Tom Baisden in his classroom.

Tom Baisden is all about kids. He raises them, he teaches them, and as lead guitarist for The Not-Its!, he hops around on stage like a birthday clown for them. To reach kids, "you've got to have a shtick," explains Tom. It's a lesson he's learned from years of teaching special ed. But embracing that shtick isn't always easy. Especially when a buddy from Tom's old punk rock days came to watch a show. The friend stood in the back row behind mirrored sunglasses. He wore special grin on his face that said: "What the heck are you doing?"

Want to learn more about the artists in this episode?

Hear music by The Not-Its! on their web page.

The Not-Its! tracks used in this episode, in order of appearance, include: We Are The Not-Its!, Great Day, KidQuake!, The Not-Its! Nation (scheduled for fall release).

The "lullaby" Tom sang was from his defunct acoustic band, Mostly Dimes. Their music isn't available online, but I'll update this post if Tom gets it uploaded.

You can hear Tom's old punk band, Action Patrol, in the YouTube video below.